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The mantra pushpam and the philocosmic love song is a work by ramakrishna math, written in the year 1921. The purpose of this work is to summarize the teachings of krishna, holy scripture and other sacred texts. It also includes details about life on earth and beyond death. This book covers many topics such as perception, reality, knowledge and liberation which are all seen through the eyes of sacred scriptures.The main subject matter is an introduction to yogic philosophy through sindhindi writing system rnegmukha script which transliterates phonetically so that it can be readily read and understood by all readers and listeners irrespective of their mother tongue or native alphabet. The book consists of five chapters, each containing twenty eight stanzas. The first chapter contains stanzas 1 – 28, talking about "how to know god." The 2nd chapter contains stanzas 29 – 57 and talks about "man and the world". The 3rd chapter contains stanzas 58 – 86 and talks about "the sea of creation and the sorrow therein". The 4th chapter contains stanzas 87 – 114 and covers topics such as liberation. Finally the 5th chapter consists of poems 115 – 128 which contain about karma yoga. Here is a summary of the chapters.

The book ends with a poem which talks about karma yoga.The book was written by Abhedananda, who was a swami from the ramakrishna order. He wrote this poem as a means to summarize the teachings from different holy texts and also from his own experiences. It was said that this poem came into being at a time when Abhedananda was living in an ashrama in Deoghar, Bihar he spent many years there researching many books to understand the teachings of sages and saints for his own well-being. The original work can be found in Bengali and English languages published by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. Now it is published in English by Gayatri Satsanga Society of Great Britain. Also available online on google books and on the ever growing website of ajanta publishers.The following is a summary of the poem, with the translation given in Bengali script next to it. The title “mantra pushpam” means “a mantra poured into an empty vessel” which reflects that everything exists in everything else, just like water exists in an empty vessel. It also refers to the importance of the knowledge that one has to strive for happiness and live well, because one can never be truly happy without understanding this truth. It also references the Holy Bible, with the lines "Be ye therefore wise as serpents, And harmless as doves." which was said by Jesus Christ in the Sermon on the Mount. When Abhedananda was writing this poem, he had many encounters with many different people. One of these people was Judge Maheshwari, who he had an encounter with one day at their friend’s house. The judge had come to visit him during lunchtime at his friend’s house. At this time Abhedananda was having a conversation about the Upanishads and other sacred texts with some of his friends.


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